If We Don't Have It in Stock, We Can Get It Quickly

Spokes, Tires, Trunnions, Bearings.

Alignment, Chains, Internal Flighting.

Graphite, Graphite Applicators, Tracking.

Drum Drive Shafts, Seal Rings and Belts.

Gearbox, Chain Lubrication, Concrete Piers.

Guide Wheel Rollers, Guide Wheel Bearings.

Timer Box, Air Cylinders, Solenoid Valves.

Automatic Oilers and Greasers.

New and Used Parts

We keep a large inventory of parts and accessories and can source from our distributors to supply you with the parts you need as part of our five-star field service.

We sell R.D.S. Graphite Applicators which provide superior performance by ensuring an even application of powder graphite at timed intervals. This means better lubrication and less wear with minimal mess and no disposal issues.